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Our Slumber Silkie has successfully combined all the elements that create snuggly comfort for your child. Our Slumber Silkies fit perfectly in baby’s hands and have the perfect satin accents to stimulate your child’s tactile needs and sensory stimulation. Many children find great pleasure in touch of silk and satin, rubbing it between their fingers or against their cheek. The Slumber Silkie has a wide satin trim and a large silk tag for easy “silking”. The Slumber Silkie comes in three different sizes to accommodate all stages of your child’s early years. * With the Swanling Snap-in-Place system our small pocket square sized Slumber Silkie or lovie is secure at the waistband of your child and will give you peace of mind knowing that there will be no loose blankets in the crib since the small blanket is secure in place to the Slumber Sleeper (sold separately). Your little one will respond to this blanket like no other and it will become every parent’s favorite blanket when they see the joy it gives to their child. Further, because they are so lightweight, petit and affordable, parents can afford to have many available so that soothing becomes effortless. By attaching the silkie blanket securely at the waist of the Slumber Sleeper vest the blanket is kept safely away from baby’s face while sleeping. Baby will sleep safe and sound through the night with the Slumber Silkie always within reach and not tossed on to the floor in the middle of the night. So the Slumber Silkie addresses two important soothing needs for parents and children; first that of safety and second that of tactile reassurance. Our Slumber Silkie is made from the softest Satin fabrics available. Luxurious and silky soft. The medium sized Slumber Silkie is intended for older children who want more of a blanket “lovie.” The large Slumber Silkie Duvet (not for cribs) is intended for use only with older children using a twin bed and connects only to the twin sized Slumber Sleeper.

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