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Serendipity TOXIN SHIELD is a crib mattress cover designed as an impermeable layer to prevent toxic gasses, allergens and other hazardous chemicals coming from your crib mattress from reaching your baby’s sleep environment. What makes Serendipity different from other mattress covers? * Unlike typical mattress covers, the Serendipity cover blocks toxic gasses, hazardous chemicals, and allergens in your babies’ mattress. * The Serendipity Mattress Cover is made from an engineered pure polymer that contains no additives to leach into your babies sleeping environment. Vinyl and other types of plastic covers contain hazardous chemicals like fire retardants, plasticizers, Phthalates and biocides that can leach out of the cover creating a hazardous environment for your baby. * Best Day Ever, the maker of the Serendipity Mattress Cover works with the non-profit No More SIDS Foundation to get mattresses covered at day care centers around the country. Best Day Ever donates one Serendipity Mattress Cover to No More SIDS Foundation for every cover it sells. No More SIDS estimates more than 700,000 mattresses covered without a single SIDS death reported.

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